Springtime and a Reborn Poetry Tree

Despite the record amount of snowfall, poetry lovers continued to post poems on the Tree throughout the winter.  As of today, there are poems by Edna St. Vincent Millay, Wallace Stevens, and Mina Loy as well as a wonderful haiku and ink sketch.  In addition, I have recently heard from the two Harvard alumni who were responsible for posting poems along the River back in 2002-2004 when they were tutors at Leverett House and  members of the Leverett House Poetry Society.  Lois Hetland and Yonatan Grad are now professors at Mass Art and Harvard School of Public Health respectively, but retain their love of poetry and interest in its availability along the Charles.  Though it’s been several months since posting a poem on the tree or the site, the warm weather has stimulated me to do so, so please visit the tree!

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