Spring on the Charles

It’s springtime in Cambridge and the cherry blossoms on The Poetry Tree are nearly gone. Boats row by, cormorants dive, shad leap, runners run and bikers bike, and more and more people stop to read the postings on the Tree. On May 14th, Kimberly Murdaugh and Alexander Isakov posted a poem entitled Ode by Arthur O’Shaughnessy which I’ve also put on this site for those of you who may not walk by the Tree. In addition, an unknown poetry lover pasted a stanza from T. S. Eliot about April being the cruelest month in celebration of National Poetry Month. Summer is only 5 weeks away, so if you have ideas for summer’s poems, send them along or put them on the Tree.

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  1. Spending time at The Poetry Tree was a special delight on your May 14, birthday Kimberly Murdaugh!

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