Awesome Autumn by Joan M. LaCombe

Awesome Autumn
by Joan M. LaCombe

It’s amazing, awesome Autumn!

It’s that special time of year
When Mother Nature puts on a spectacular performance.
The landscape bursts into a kaleidoscope of color.
The deep green of the pines accent
the bright colors of maple, birch, and dogwood.
The scenery is aglow with bright yellow, gold,
burnt orange, red, rust and faded bronze–
Framed by a cloudless azure blue sky.

Oh, if we would only take the time
to observe and appreciate
The Master Painter’s handiwork!
The sugar maple boasts glorious color,
Its ornamental cousin nearby refuses to change,
hanging on to its summer greenery.

There are no reruns in nature!
Each season is a different performance.
What we can count on is that
the colors of fall will be “autumn-atic.”

No need to travel to faraway places
When autumn beauty is as close as
Hitchcock Woods, Carolina Bay or
your own backyard.

We must remember
That even in the autumn of our lives
We, too, can still be beautiful and productive
Before the bleakness of the winter years sets in.

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