This project seeks to bring beautiful poetry to a beautiful site, creating a community of poetry lovers who will share their favorite seasonal poems against a backdrop of the Charles River.

I was inspired by a series of poems placed along the River’s Cambridge bank in 2004 by the Leverett House Poetry Society. In 2013, I placed a poem on this tree on two occasions, but both times the poem had been removed within 48 hours.

In April, 2014 I placed this poem by Robert Frost on the tree and followed a week later with a poem by Billy Collins. Within several weeks, others had posted poems by e.e. cummings, Philip Larkin, Dana Gioia and others and the Poetry Tree on the Charles was born.

At the end of each season, I will remove the poems and post them on this web site. Please return to this site often to share your comments and to post other poems.   All suggestions are welcome.

Enjoy the poetry, the River, and our glorious world.