A Mystery Solved, Unfortunately

When the poems disappeared from the tree twice over the last couple of months, I was prepared to attribute it to the winds and elements, but it is now clear that there is a misguided nature lover who has been responsible.  When out for my morning run yesterday, I noticed that one of the poems was off the tree, but had been laid out neatly on the ground and held in place with four stones.  I returned later in the morning and reattached the poem to the tree, feeing gratitude for the stranger who had saved the poem from blowing away.  Alas, this morning, I found that all of the poems and the Poetry Tree mission statement were off the tree and secured on the ground with stones.  One of the laminated sheets held the following doggerel in magic marker:  I’m alive/I’m a tree/Please don’t put/Nails in me!!!!This was followed by the commentary:  (For your self-indulgent sense of art).  Makes me sad that someone was unwilling to engage in discussion or debate, but acted unilaterally to deprive dozens of walkers, bike riders, joggers, etc who had come to enjoy stopping and reading poetry while out in the open air.  Not sure what the next step will be but for now, the Poetry Tree on the Charles is on hold.  Best wishes to all for the New Year.

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