Perfect Harmony by Christen Foster

Perfect Harmony
Christen Foster

Walking through apart of nature in the center of the downtown metropolitan area, past all the noise, past all the pollution and every man made thing. Is a place where time stands still a natural pristine state of being where squirrels run and play the birds sing their songs of the day, and the true colors of leaves put on their display then fall from the grace of the trees they were attached to. When one allows them-self to sit and experience it all take place. This takes away all worry, stress, anxiety, and tension. As one opens their mind to receive natures gifts of a clear blue sky and a smile from the brightest sun that shines and clears the open mind. When ones mind is truly open to receive one begins to see that everything is connected and has its place in perfect harmony. Simply put; the sun makes light for us to see and gives life to the trees which give us clean air to breathe in the spring and summer they are green in the fall release their seeds to the animals they feed, in the mind nature creates peace all problems are released, more immune to disease, yes feeling so free. When all things come together in perfect harmony,

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