First Day of Spring at The Tree

Just finished posting the new poems for Spring, 2016 with a full moon rising over the River to the East and an orange and pink sunset to the West. Standing in the remnants of this morning’s Nor’easter’s snowfall but enjoying the daffodils and crocuses opening along the banks of the River. The new poems include work by Ted Hughes (sent to me via an email by a Poetry Tree participant!), William Stafford and Gary Snyder. In a few days it will be National Poetry Month, so hang a poem on the tree or email one to me and I’ll post it on this site and try to get it on the tree. Happy Spring to all.

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    • The tree is between the River and Memorial Drive opposite Riverview, the apartment building on Mt. Auburn. Unfortunately, someone (probably the DCR) has been removing my poems as fast as I post them. Not sure whether I’ll continue to put them on the tree or just post them virtually. Sorry it too me so long to respond. I’ve been busy with my web site at I hope you’ll visit it and subscribe.

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