Conversation Over a Cup of Cappuccino by Marvel C. Pephel


It was high summer.
The afternoon breeze
Was kind enough,
And so we talked away
Our time.
“You are beautiful,” I tell her.
She looks on,
And asks me:
Like what?
I smile: “Like a flower garden.”
Rose, tulip or jasmine?
She asks me.
“Jasmine,” I say.
Why? She frowns.
I take her hand in mine
And say:
“Because you’re not useless;
You’re not just an object
Of beauty. You’re more.
The jasmine aura, the perfume,
The jasmine tea;
You mean more.”
I plant a kiss
On her smiling face,
And so we drink
With our hands interlocked;
Her cup mine,
And mine hers.

By Marvel C. Pephel

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