Someone there is who doesn’t love a poem…..

This week represented the fastest removal of material from the Poetry Tree on the Charles. On Wednesday late afternoon, I placed three poems on the Tree with the usual plastic cabling, taking care not to injure or mar the trunk of the tree. The poems by my favorites Donald Hall, W.S. Merwin, and Kay Ryan were up and looking fine at around 4PM that afternoon. When I walked past the tree the following morning at 8AM, the poems had been removed. The cables had been cut or at least undone and were gone. The three poems were stacked neatly and sitting on the ground next to the tree. Go figure! Is it DCR intent on implementing their ‘no bills posted’ policy or is it a poetry-hating Cambridge resident of my neighborhood who walks past the tree daily? No idea, but probably going to take a break and just post poems on the web site and on

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